1st Sunday of Advent

First of all, Happy New Year. Yes I know it’s not 1st January, but it is the start of the new year for the Church as Sunday is the 1st Sunday of Advent. It’s a time for us before the hustle and bustle of Christmas to stop, or at least slow down for a few minutes, and reflect on what sort of year we want it to be. Also, we may not be in control of the events around us, but we can be in control of the way we react to those events.

The headlines of people drowning in the channel trying to get to England may be just that: headlines today and then forgotten tomorrow. Or, they could be a spur that challenges us to look at how we can help those less fortunate than ourselves, either by spiritual efforts or financial efforts. The spiritual effort may be that the decision is made to come to a Mass on a Saturday morning to pray for those people or to remember others who have lost their lives over the years trying to find a better life for their families. A financial effort may be to support the work of one of our neighbouring parishes Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, based at Lawfords Gate, and who do such tremendous work with asylum seekers.

Finally, do have a look at our renovated tabernacle doors which have been returned this week. They look absolutely stunning and are an indication of some of the treasures we have in our building, that seem to have been forgotten over the years. I think it’s right that we started with the tabernacle as the holy of holies and then move on to the rest of the building- so keep your eyes peeled over the coming months.

Mgr Bernard

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