2nd Sunday of Advent

There are two highlights for me of this week both looking towards the future.

The first one was the church of today preparing to be the church of tomorrow. We had almost 180 children from years 4, 5 and 6 in the church for an Advent Penitential Service. They came in for a service which including scripture readings and explanations from myself. Within all had a period of reflection and said an act of contrition. Then coming up in pairs to the altar they worked together to light a candle. One of them placed it on the stand and the other lit the candle. By the end of the service we had a 90 candles lit and when the lights the church were turned off they stood out as a real beacon of hope. The children then recognised that the small individual actions when combined with others can be seen to make a difference. By being helpful and kind they can brighten up the world with love.

The second thing that has excited me this week is that, at last, work has begun on plastering the entrance area to the church. So instead of bare brick walls that look drab and unloved we will soon have a bright and welcoming area as our main entrance to the church. Sited in this area will be a large television screen so that we can display notices and information. The old idea of pieces of paper being stuck on the noticeboard has had its day, as people these days are more used to seeing moving images. So, with our electronic display we will be able to show more information and in a more attractive way and thus communicate better with people.

Mgr Bernard

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