All about our Baptisms

Baptisms At St Bon’s

As a community of faith, we always want to keep our doors open to welcome new members.

This can be done in many creative ways, the best being the celebration of baptism. The Christian community holds as sacred the reception of the sacraments and tries to guarantee that proper preparation is offered to those who are going to embrace the graces stemming from these signs of God’s presence in our midst.

When infants and children are baptised, it is their parents who ought to be prepared, as they become committed to passing on their personal and community faith to the new generation. In the preparation we seek to raise the awareness of the parents about the responsibility that they undertake to bring up their sons and daughters as disciples of Jesus in the Catholic faith.

Parents and godparents later on in life will be able to explain to their offspring why they were baptised, what being a Christian entails, the rich symbols of baptism, the role of godparents, the sense of belonging to the Catholic Church. They are become witnesses by word and deed to their children of the faith they cherish and practise.