An Exciting Journey

Well, this is my first piece for the parish newsletter and I must start off with an apology for not producing anything for you for last week. As you can imagine, the first few days after a move are always hectic. It has taken me almost 10 days to unpack my boxes and put the contents in some sort of order.

It’s only then that you really discover what you are missing, or what you thought would be in your new home. As Priests we all have different ideas about what should, and in some cases should not, be found in a house when you take it over. This is no reflection in Fr Tom as I’m sure my successor in Taunton would take a similar view.

My first impressions of St Bonaventure’s confirms that it is a welcoming and friendly community with a great tradition of work both in the local community and the wider world. I’m also delighted to be reacquainted with our brilliant Primary School and its great staff and children.

One of my priorities is to try and address a number of the building issues within the church so that we can move forward in restoring it to somewhere close to its former glory. A vibrant community deserves a building that reflects their vision for the future, and has a connection with its history. The church of today should be the foundations of the church of tomorrow but also aware of our past, and the great work that has been done by our forebears.

I trust and pray that together we can move forward in building a kingdom of God in this place and in this time. It’s an exciting journey but I’m delighted to have started.

Mgr Bernard

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  1. Mgr Bernard September 18, 2021 at 6:20 pm

    Dear Tracy
    Because of my role (Vicar General) in the Diocese I have a number of regular meetings to attend and twice a month I am not available at 12.00 on a Friday hence the 9.30 Mass time.

  2. Peter Josephine Bennett September 25, 2021 at 3:17 pm

    My dear friend Mgr Bernard.
    Although you don’t know us since lockdown we have been attending your streamed Masses at St George’s Taunton.
    Your homily’s are so good, is there any way you could stream again, we used to stream 5-30pm Mass, I notice there is a Mass at 6-00pm
    Hopefully Peter and Jo


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