An Exciting Week

I’ve had a very exciting week this week, after talking to the deputy head at our primary school. Steph was telling me about the great work that is going on with the local food bank that is run by someone living on Egerton Road. This has been helping a number of people since the first Covid lockdown and it helps both people in the community and in our school community.

This food bank is short of space and is looking to expand and, Rebecca who runs it came to see me this week, to see how our parish could help. We had a fruitful discussion about how we could have a cupboard at the back of church as an emergency area for people who have immediate problems i.e. I have no food for a meal for my children this evening.

We also discussed that they need storage space, and workspace, so I was delighted to be able to offer them the use of what has been the St Theresa‘s chapel in the cellar of the Presbytery. This room has not been used for a number of years and is ideal for their needs. It will allow them to help people and, given the concerns over the coming months about rising fuel prices and inflation, there is likely to be an increased need for the work of the food bank.

It is a scandal that in one of the richest countries in the world we have people in our own community who are unable to feed their children or themselves. So, I’m delighted and excited that St Bons can be part of the solution.

Mgr Bernard


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