Coming to Church this Christmas

I’m sure this week it’s been another busy one for most of us preparing for the great feast of Christmas. Whether it’s at home, or in church, there’s always a lot of things to get ready for Christmastide. And whilst I can’t claim that I have done all the work I have certainly been involved in having inputs on all of it. As I write this we are looking forward to this evening‘s concert, but are unsure as to the numbers of people that may turn up this year. With the government moving to plan B in relation to Covid, it adds a further level of uncertainty to what the next few weeks will produce for us in terms of numbers of people coming to Mass.

As you may well be aware we will now be expected to wear face coverings whilst in church but we are allowed to sing so that does help us to a certain extent. Again, just to reassure you that after each church service we use our fogging machine to make sure that the building is safe from any traces of Covid. The advantage of such a machine is that it manages to put a fine layer of mist over all the knooks and crannies and so ensure that the area is safe for all.

However, I fully understand that some people will be more risk averse than others and will be worried about coming into a building with a number of other people already in it. To these I say please do note that our churches are far safer than any of the shops that you may go into, as we clean after every service whilst they generally only clean once per day.

Also don’t forget that you can follow all that goes on in St Bons church via our parish website, and by clicking the links you can watch either live services or recorded ones. Thus this enables you to keep in touch with us over the coming festive period.

Mgr Bernard

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