The uptake of food from the Community Food Pantry continues to rise steadily as Spring arrives. Our experiment with it being a “Free Shop” is going well and feels a positive way forward.

We are still getting a steady flow of donations too, so thank you to those of you who have donated. It really is going to those who need it, and we are constantly working on getting the CFP to even more people too.


How can I help?

Please do keep telling those in need that the CFP exists and that they are welcome to use it!

We are also looking for more SHELVING for the storeroom. This needs to be quite robust with deep shelves so we can store heavy tins on them. They can be metal or wood and any colour! If you have or know anyone who has shelving that they do not need anymore and would be happy to donate or part with for a small amount of money, please email Jenny on

We are always looking for donations too. Here is a list of items we DO AND DO NOT need at the moment. Please remember that we are unable to accept donations of fresh fruit or vegetables or baked items.


We DO need:

Vegan tinned meals

Vegetarian tinned meals

Heavy flow Sanitary towels and tampons


Shower gel

Deodorant – male and female

Small bottles of cooking oil

Cereals like Cornflakes and Shreddies

We DO NOT need:

Baked Beans

Tinned Tomatoes

Pasta sauces



Rice pudding

Tinned fish




Where do I leave food donations?

Please put food donations either in the clear box labelled “Community Food Pantry Donation Box” at the back of the church or in the box outside the Presbytery.

How do I donate money?

There is a “Food Pantry” button on the Donation Point inside the church of you would like to make monetary donations by card. Or you can give cash to Mgr Massey or put it in an envelope through Jenny Glester’s door at 57 Egerton Road.


Thank you all for your support!

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