Community Food Pantry Update


We are now coming to the end of the 4th week of the Community Food Pantry (CFP) being available in the church and the uptake of the food has gradually increased as word has got out that it exists! It is fantastic to know that we are providing a healthy meal for families when they need it.

We have been bowled over by the generosity of the St Bon’s community and the donations have been flowing in. We are so grateful to all those who have donated produce and money. Without you, none of it would be possible.

When is the CFP open?

Mgr Massey has kindly agreed to keep the church open longer, so people can anonymously pick up food and other items on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday from 8am until 5pm. We hope this will encourage even more people to use the CFP.

What changes have we made?

We have started to experiment a little with the items we have available. We still have 4 pre-prepared meal bags available every day (meat, vegetarian, vegan and fish) but we now also have other food produce such as cooking oil, tinned fish, deodorant, handwash and paracetamol available for people to take if they need it. This has proved successful so we will continue with this for the time being.

How can I help?

Please do keep telling those in need that the CFP exists and that they are welcome to use it!

Where do I leave food donations?

Please put food donations either in the clear box labelled “Community Food Pantry Donation Box” at the back of the church or in the box outside the Presbytery.

How do I donate money?

There is a “Food Pantry” button on the Donation Point inside the church of you would like to make monetary donations by card. Or you can give cash to Mgr Massey or put it in an envelope through Jenny Glester’s door at 57 Egerton Road.

What items do you need?

Here is the list of what donations we do and do not need at the moment. Please remember that we are unable to accept donations of fresh fruit or vegetables, biscuits or baked items.

We DO need:

Vegan tinned meals

Vegetarian tinned meals

Tinned green vegetables

Tinned fruit

Heavy flow Sanitary towels

Deodorant – male and female

Cooking oil

Instant coffee

Boxes of teabags

We DO NOT need:

Baked Beans

Tinned Tomatoes

Pasta sauces



Rice pudding

Tinned fish





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