First Holy Communion

This weekend sees the change of the clocks and the start of dark nights. It means that our Sunday Evening Mass will soon have a slightly different feel as people arrive and leave in the dark. However, it is also a time to look forward to the fact that on the 27th of November the final group of this year’s First Holy Communions will take place. It also means that we are rapidly heading into preparing for next year’s First Holy Communions. The course should start in January but at the moment I don’t have anybody to run it. So, this means I am looking for a group of volunteers to help run the course. Our previous group have done it for a number of years and felt now it was a time for them to take a break. I would like to thank them for their dedication and hard work and I’m sure they would be prepared to give advice to any new members who come forward.

St Bons has always had a great tradition of people volunteering for all sorts of things and so I am confident that we will get adequate numbers for us to run a successful First Holy Communions program. So, if you’re 18 or 88 and would like to help please give your name in to the parish office as soon as possible. We are looking for men and women and also looking for parents of the children in the program as well as those who do not have children. Anybody is welcome and we will make sure they are adequately prepared if they feel they have any lack of knowledge or understanding.

Finally, I’m off on my first holiday for almost 2 years and will be back soon. During this time it will only be Masses on Sundays.

Mgr Bernard

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