Growing and Welcoming New Members

I have not been very plugged in to the world around me over the last few weeks. My Dad has just been diagnosed with Bowel Cancer and with other health complications the early signs were that the cancer was aggressive. Mercifully that’s not the case but his other health issues make the situation complicated, it is better news than we expected but next year or two are likely to be challenging.

As things are a bit calmer now than they have been over the last few weeks I have got back into things like looking at the news. I think I missed a lot and was quite surprised when I did check out what has been happening. Sausages seem to be big news at the moment as does the drama surrounding little Lilibet. I totally missed Boris’ wedding which as a Catholic leader probably wasn’t helpful. Apparently, him marrying in Westminster Cathedral has caused a lot of consternation and divided opinion. I guess that is something a priest might comment on, but as I missed the whole thing I am not going to wade in, that is the beauty of not watching the news!

I guess, like me, you are delighted that the weather has improved. At last, we can wear our summer clothes, it has been a long time coming and it’s wonderful to walk out in a t-shirt and feel warm. I can’t quite say that it changes the general feeling of caution that seems to be pervading society, but it is a welcomed change from the unseasonable weather of May. It seems strange that in just a few weeks there may be no more restrictions, maybe we have got too used to them!

Over the last few months parish life has been going in fits and spurts, the spurts being quite big but with long gaps between them. But now things seem steadily to be increasing. This is mainly due to the demand for Baptisms and Weddings. It’s feels like the cork has come off a champagne bottle, there is a big spurt of life. The challenge is that I cannot do multiple baptisms as I cannot baptise different children with the same water. Neither can I hold joint baptism preps at the moment, so each baptism and preparation is an individual event and while that is different it is so nice to get going again. The families are really keen and it does make things feel a little more normal, not to mention welcoming new members into the Kingdom of God!

Please keep the work of the parish in your prayers over the coming months, there is lots happening and so many wonderful people are doing so much to make St Bon’s the wonderful place it is. I really hope and pray that as restrictions lift we will continue to grow and welcome new members the Kingdom through our wonderful community.

Fr Tom

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