Find out more about Mass at St. Bonaventure's

Mass Times

Sunday 8th May
10.00am Mass People of the Parish
6.00pm Mass Engaged couples

Monday 9th May
No Mass

Tuesday 10th May
9.30am Mass Victims of sexual abuse

Wednesday 11th May
No Mass

Thursday 12th May
9.30am Mass Private intention

Friday 13th May
9.30am Mass For James and Ismay

Saturday 14th May
9.30pm Mass Those in food poverty

Sunday 15th May
10.00am Mass Antonio Orlando RIP
6.00pm Mass Private intention

Getting a Mass Said

One of a Priest’s most important duties is to pray for his people, and this takes place at its most profound and special of times when a Parish Priest says Mass for his people, and for their intentions. Mgr Bernard is very happy to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for your intention.

This will be a Mass during the regular parish schedule,  This could be for a wedding anniversary, the anniversary of a loved one’s death, a special birthday celebration, or a Mass of thanksgiving.

It is customary when asking for a Mass to be said, to make a donation to the Priest.

    Information provided on this form, together with all other personal data held about these individuals by the Parish and the Clifton Diocese, is processed in accordance with the Diocese’s Privacy Notice; which is available at or from the Parish Office.