Stations Of The Cross

Stations Of The Cross At St Bon’s

For Catholics the suffering of Jesus form a central point of our devotion. It was by suffering for us ‘innocent thought he was’ that Jesus paid the price of our sin. A particularly intense prayer is to accompany Jesus as he carried his cross to Calvary where he died for us. This journey is commonly know as the ‘way of the cross’. In the 19th Century, as travel became available, pilgrimages to Jerusalem became more common. A big part of these pilgrimages was to walk and pray the actual way of the cross that Jesus walked. As many Catholics were too poor to make this journey a series of stopping points or ‘stations’ were placed in parish churches so that anyone could make this journey with Jesus in a spiritual way.

Almost every Catholic Church has a set of Stations of the Cross and it is usual to pray the ‘stations’ in lent, usually on a Friday as that is the day Jesus would have made his sorrowful journey to Mount Calvary. The stations focus on a number of events that are mentioned in the Bible but also include some reflection that have arisen through popular piety over the centuries. If you would like to pray the stations at home please click here.