St Clair & St Elizabeth

I’m pleased to announce that the baby changing facility is now installed in the left-hand toilet. There have been a couple of other changes in the last week. If you look at the stain glass windows behind the altar you will see on the left-hand side we have St Elizabeth of Hungary and on the right hand side St Clair. St Elizabeth is noted the help of the poor and especially for feeding children. After the death of her husband, she joined the third order of Saint Francis and died at the age of 24 and was made a saint just 4 years after her death in 1231. St Clair like St Francis came from a wealthy family in Assisi, and she gave up everything and founded the Poor Clare’s, and as such is a great example of quiet contemplation. She was also the first woman to write a Monastic Order and she died in 1253 aged 58. So, taking these two saints we have now attached their names to 2 of the rooms in the Presbytery. The room that had been the refectory for the Franciscans when they were here, has now been named the St Elizabeth room and the lounge area next door to it has now been named as the St Clair room. This is part of my philosophy of recognising the historical links to the founders of our great building and also celebrating two great saints connected with our parish church.

This week is the start of Lent and inspired by our 2 saints it is a time for us to consider prayer and action in the building of the kingdom of God here and now. To help you in this process there is a special Lenten leaflet at the back of church. It will give you some ideas of things to consider, or do, over the Lenten period. I hope you will find it useful as you undertake this great annual period of renewal. Remember the more you do for Lent the more you will enjoy Easter.

Mgr Bernard

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