The First Month

So, I have completed my 1st month here at St Bonaventure’s and it’s been a great experience with a very warm welcome from many of the congregation. I’m starting to see the size of a challenge ahead as we try to make progress on examining the offices and church so that we can formulate a plan of how to tackle various issues. The joy of a large building complex is that it offers many opportunities. The difficulty is that most of these can turn out to be expensive. So, it’s about looking and seeing what can be done to make some easy improvements so that people can see that change is afoot.

This week we have moved the parish office and done a swap with Cafod so that we now have a larger space and instead of three desks being squashed into a small room we now have five lovely desks in a large open office so that those who do various tasks in the parish can share the facilities and share information.

Information or communication is a challenge for every organisation and the better we are doing it, the better we are at building community and realising and understanding the needs of different groups. So I’m pleased to see that our live streaming of Masses is already beginning to show results. So on Wednesday of this week we had 80 people joining us for the parish Mass. Our figures for the first 3 weeks of full-service tell us that we have been watched by 1705 people who come from 22 different countries and watched for 741 hours. You know the Catholic Church is universal and in the coming months you will see those figures reflecting the current diversity of our parish community.

Mgr Bernard

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