The Parish Office

Having been here for almost 6 months now I’m in a better position to work out what help I need in various aspects of running our parish. To this end, I have decided what I need in our parish office is one person who has the ability to cover all the administration needs of the parish and look after aspects of our media profile. So after advice from a human resources group we started a two-week process of consultation with staff about potential changes. This process finished last Friday and both members of staff decided various reasons that they do not wish to apply for the new role. So from Friday 8th of April, Joan and Laura posts will be made redundant.

The new role is for one person to work for 20 hours per week so that the office is manned on a more regular and sustained basis. and this job will be a term time only position. During the Christmas and Easter holidays there is no real need for office staff to be around, and in the school holiday period life is usually quieter. I hope the new arrangement will prove attractive to a number of people and potentially to those who have children of school age that want to use their skills in the workforce when their children are at school.

I would like to thank Joan and Laura (who were appointed by Fr Tom and who manage things in the way that he wanted) for there work for the parish over the past 3 to 4 years and wish them well in the future.

Mgr Bernard

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