The Return of Our Lady

I was appalled last Sunday when I went in for coffee after mass to see a father changing his baby’s nappy on a table. Let me say very clearly, I wasn’t appalled with what was happening, I was appalled with myself. Because it was only then that I realised that we do not have any baby changing facilities in either of our toilets. I asked myself how I could have missed that over the last 6 months that I’ve been here. I like to pride myself on my ability to see what is missing as well as what needs to be improved and this one has totally passed me by. By midday on Sunday a baby changing unit was on order and should be installed in one of the toilets this coming week.

On a more positive note, this week as seen the return of the statue of Our Lady and the few people that have already seen it have been very positive in the responses to how it now looks. Do feel free to come up in to the sanctuary area and see a close-up of how she now looks. You will be able to see that part of her clothing is a beautiful rose colour. And also if you look at the snake under her foot you can see in its mouth not only apple but also a green leaf attached to it. Because she had been almost neglected for a number of years a lot of this detail was not clearly visible before and it is now a joy to see her in such a pristine state.

Lent is not far off and that will be a time for all of us to look at those neglected areas of our Christian life that need to be reassessed, and endeavour to make sure that by the time Easter comes we, and our souls, are in a more pristine state as well.

Mgr Bernard

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