Transform the Ordinary into the Extra Ordinary

This week seems to have flown bye, but most of the time I have been out of the parish on Diocesan work.

Tuesday was largely taken up with a deanery clergy meeting and catching up on what is happening in the local parishes and seeing how we can work together. Wednesday morning was one of our regular Diocesan trustees’ meetings, and the afternoon was taken up with second interviews for a new head of finance for the diocese.

Wednesday evening saw the return of the two Franciscan statues which have been renovated and now look great. they seem to have been brought back to life. Thursday was a day of admin catching up on emails messages and post from the previous week. Friday morning was a day of staff meetings and in the afternoon trying to get the screen in the entrance area up and running.

So, in many ways a very average week but life is often full of average weeks, and they are the backbone of who and what we are. It is easy to try and look for God in the extra ordinary, but it is harder to try and find him in the ordinary and every day. That is where time in prayer and reflection is so important, otherwise we can find ourselves only finding God when we are coming to church, with the specific intention of trying to find Him.

If we fall into this trend, then we miss so many opportunities to encounter God. We need to have an approach a little bit like mother Theresa who saw God so clearly in the ordinary and every day. She saw God in those on the margins where others failed to see. They completely overlooked the person in the gutter, but she saw God.

So, if your week is ordinary rejoice because it’s the very opportunity that God gives you to be his hands his eyes and his ears and then you can transform the ordinary into the extra ordinary as you glimpse the real beauty of God’s creation.

Mgr Bernard

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