Transformation in the Lady Chapel

It’s been a really busy week this last seven days starting with a great joy of seeing a packed church on Sunday morning and the enrolment of our 30+ young children into the First Confession and First Holy Communion program. However, a lot of time has been taken up with preparing for the five funerals that I have before the end of the month. There is no such thing as a straightforward funeral, as each one is a unique event and needs to have the same level of my attention to ensure it is a fitting tribute to the deceased and a help to those who are grieving. It’s also true to say that some of these take significantly more time than others but that’s just the way things are.

On a lighter note, I was delighted and excited on Thursday when the tabernacle door that is in the current Lady Chapel was returned fully restored. There is a photograph on the chapel wall to show you or to remind you of what the door was looking like before it went off for its renovation. Those who have seen it remarked how beautiful it now looks and were amazed at the level of transformation. It is now a standout feature in the chapel no longer needs a vase of flowers in front of it to hide it away.

Finally, please keep the children and parents of our First Holy Communion group in your prayers as they begin their journey resulting in their First Confessions before Easter and their First Holy Communions in mid-June.

Mgr Bernard

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