Our Church was Designed to be Open

Tuesday was an amazing day. Who would have thought a year ago, that keeping our church open would be a novel event! It was something we took for granted, something that we never imagined not happening, but after a year of the church being closed, Tuesday was fantastic. I would like to say a very big thank you to our stewards who generously gave their time to enable the church to be open. It was wonderful to see so many people coming in spending time in prayer and seeing the school children come in to make their Stations of the Cross. It was how St Bon’s is meant to be – our church was designed to be open!

Im very excited for the future. That is not something Ive been able to say for a year because there has been no future to plan for. I thrive on planning and I cant wait for us to get back up and running again to do what we do best which is – to connect.

Connection is something that weve all lost this year and for some of us the separation has weighed heavily. You can see it in peoples faces as I said last week.  Our connection with our loving God is our foundation, it is He who nourishes us, who sustains us who gives us life.  Our connection to him connects us to each other as a community of faith.

What weve all missed very badly this year is connecting with each other, meeting each other and learning what to pray for for each other. That time in the Mass where we could ask each other for a prayer intention was golden, it gave life to our community that united us in a deep and loving way. I cant wait for that to come back.

It looks like we have to endure this current situation and the separation it brings for a bit longer. As we begin Holy Week this Sunday, we know that the new life of the risen Christ will give us the strength and the grace we need in these days.

As the most important week of our liturgical year approaches, I encourage you to open your hearts to Jesus. In his suffering and death he took upon himself the suffering and pain that we carry, so that we no longer have to carry it. On the cross he took our sins upon himself that we would no longer pay the price for them. He died that we may have forgiveness. In rising he has given us the astounding gift of new life. Open your hearts to him on the cross and he will pour the new life of his resurrection into your hearts in abundance!

Fr Tom

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